A story that I wrote a couple of years ago finally found a home. It’s going to be a Halloween weird horror anthology called Fresh Meat published by the folks at Doublewick Publishing.

“Mississippi Mists” is one of the first short stories that I wrote in 2021 when I started taking writing seriously. I half-heartedly submitted it to another anthology at the time, and just left it rotting in the compost heap. I wrote a bunch of new stuff and all of that has been rejected (or is sitting in limbo) too.

When the opprotunity for this anthology came up I dusted off the old piece and went to work editing it. I didn’t imagine it would end up being the first thing I published.

Looking back on the story now I see some things I wish I’d done differently, but I’m not the type to obsess over an old story. I’d rather take what I learned and use it on the next story.

Order your copy of Fresh Meat today and let me know what you think. For now email me. I promise I’ll set up some social media as soon I find something I don’t hate. Mastodon maybe? If you have any recommendations, let me know.