Ed Marlowe

What I'm up to.

Last updated Dec-26-2023.

Writing my debut novel

Stuck in the Middle (title not finalized) goes inside the life of a middle-class, middle aged guy facing down tough choices when the factory he dedicated his life to goes under. He ends up back in school, but when he needs money an old friend pulls him into a small-town drug ring.

Writing short fiction

I'm trying to get one short story a month out to editors.

Finishing my master's degree

I'm ready to be done with grad school. Two classes and a thesis to go. Should be done near the end of 2024.

Tech stuff

After reading Deep Work by Cal Newport, I finally addressed a deep dissatisfaction with the tools I used to write. I switched to Void Linux with musl libc and built my own minimal, customized working environment with dwm, vim, and handcrafted shell scripts.